Drink Less Alcohol. Have More Fun.

Find out how

Ditch the hangover without ditching your social life.

Sophisticated seltzers, vitamin-enriched so you can enjoy your night without sacrificing your morning.




Has anybody ever woken up and said “I wish I drank more last night?”

Don’t answer that…

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It’s your secret weapon to moderation - enjoy your night out and still make it to your morning workout class.

Loaded with B and C vitamins

Sweetened with monk fruit

20-40 calories per can

Reclaim your mornings

When we drink, we drink to capture a moment. To heighten a feeling.

Partying's awesome, but we know that sometimes tonight’s unwinding can lead to tomorrows undoing. Whether you're looking to cut back a little or a lot, mix in a Goldies!


This is how to win your weekends. No more spiraling Sundays, just more life.

16 Pack Mixed Case: Cucumber Supertonic & Yuzu Spritz

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