Social Media or Be Who You Are (thats whats really cool)

Social Media or Be Who You Are (thats whats really cool)

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Been wrestling with the issue of how best to setup and structure social content for Goldies. A couple issues jump out to me.

Brand vs Personal

    How do you separate the Brand from the Person? One day hopefully this business is more than just me. One day I might not even be writing this blog. Are founders/brands intertwined forever? What's MS without Bill Gates? Apple without Jobs? Not trying to say a canned bev company is the second coming mega business, but you get the idea. Once you start a business, I think you're kind of in the DNA.

    I don't think it's a stretch to suggest companies take on qualities of their early employees. I would say when conceptualizing this brand we wanted to be: Healthy, Sophisticated, Complex, Elegant. I think visually the can art nails that. However for me personally, I have qualities like: Goofy, Carefree, and Humorous that don't really align with the core traits of Goldies. Even the tonality of the way I'm writing this blog right now isn't exactly "sophisticated".

    Is it better to structure social as a Brand (posting content under @Goldies) or as a person (posting content under @garrett)?

    Brands commenting on TikTok posts (tomato tomato)

    Brand Accounts on Social Media

    So with above in mind, lets quickly dig into how this translates to the current social media landscape. Do people even connect with smaller brand messages? I saw a business acct. on TikTok the other day that made disposable shoe covers. It was insane how their feed was just all the trends but related to shoe covers. Like WHO CARES. Call me a hater but like is the world a better place because you did the latest dance wearing shoe covers?

    I feel like it's way easier to see the personal/relatable content when you see the face behind the brand. I've always thought it was so cornball when brands jump in acting like people. Am I overthinking all of this? Are 4 people total going to read this blog and nothing even matters anyways. I'm gonna make the bet that people actually do pay attention to the man behind the curtain and am going to run blog/social as such.

    I think people do want to see how the sausage is made, humanizes the whole operation a little

    The plan for Goldies Social Media

    So. I know who I am. And I think I don't want to second guess everything I post, or try to be something I'm not. You just gotta be yourself. I think it's infinity easier to create great, authentic content for the brand when you're being yourself online. I'll be me on TikTok and you can follow along here. I'll post Goldies stuff, small biz stuff, manufacturing/sales and maybe crack a couple jokes now and then. I know everyone says "find a niche" there but it is mega annoying when I see the same creator accounts spamming/farming the latest trends and making everything about their niche (looking at YOU #soberTok). I'm sorry I just don't want to do that, sue me.

    Will do the Goldies Instagram as well (a little more formal) but insta is tired and TikTok is wired for me rn.

    I'm a dude, playing a dude, disguised as another dude

    At the end of the day, Ben Stiller says it best: