Hi, I’m Garrett.

I’m the founder of Goldies and I want you to enjoy your nights out without sacrificing your tomorrow morning. I spent most of my 20s in New York City socially drinking without thinking too much about it. I’m a social guy, I have social friends, and alcohol just seemed intertwined with a lot of our plans. It honestly just felt normal to have a few drinks when we went out.

It all changed when ...

I was cast for a dating show and cut out drinking to get into shape. I wanted abs so hard you could grate cheese on them, ok? SUE ME! I honestly couldn’t believe how much better I felt without drinking. My head felt clear, I had more energy, restful sleeps, better focus, relationships were more meaningful, and I was in the best shape of my life.

Post-Covid Drinking Culture

When things opened up I had a hard time finding drinks for people who wanted to drink less. You’re telling me someone cutting back on booze gets to pick between a soda water, a pop, or an energy drink….and that’s it? Seems a bit counterproductive to prioritize your health and guzzle down sugar and caffeine all night. And it felt juvenile – like the only adult drinks had alcohol and if you weren’t boozing you got a kids menu.

So I started Goldies.

Because we deserve better than that.
We deserve to have sophisticated beverages that meet the moment of a night out. Drinks that taste good and are good for you. Low calorie, naturally sweetened, and packed with vitamins. Unique flavors made for adults by adults, and a can that fits into social settings.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

Drinks for people who want to drink less

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